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Deadly Choices

Deadly Choices education programs are health education and capacity development programs aimed at supporting students to be positive role models and mentors for their peer groups, family, and community by leading a healthy lifestyle.

It is delivered in a flexible manner to suit your school or community group’s environment and timetable,

and covers a range of healthy lifestyle education and behaviour change topics.

The programs also involve a 715 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Preventative Health Check and

developing links with your local Aboriginal Medical Service or health centre.

Upon completion of a Deadly Choices education program, students may be rewarded with Deadly Choices merchandise. The criteria for rewards includes:

• full attendance;

• good behaviour; and

• school attendance.

Rewards include a Deadly Choices education program shirt, the chance to win rewards such as tickets to football games, other Deadly Choices merchandise, and opportunities to participate in end of school year camps - depending on availability in your area.

The program is available to all schools and community groups within the Mackay Community.

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