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Clinical Services

There services we offer address the health issues in our community with a large focus on prevention, education and effective management in a culturally appropriate way. 

We offer bulk billing for our GP services.

Child & Maternal Health

Chronic Disease

Bucasia Clinic/After Hours


For our clients with unreliable transport, our clinic offers a free transport service to and from health related appointments. 

Contact reception for more information. 

  • Consultations times vary, depending on the nature of visit.

  • A standard consultation is 20 minutes (e.g. script requests, referrals, work cover reviews, some pathology results etc.)

  • A long consultation is 40 minutes (e.g. suture removal, biopsies, some pathology results, forms to be completed, ECG's, Spirometry, etc.) 

  • Consultations can be done face-to-face or over the phone, depending on nature of appointment. 


Your GP has the ability to advise you of health reminders and non-urgent appointments by SMS or email. Please advise reception staff if you prefer not to be notified by SMS.

New Patient Forms

Please complete the following forms to become a new patient at ATSICHS Mackay. All new patient form submission are to be approaved my management before you can book an appointment 

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